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Hi guys


I've a question for anyone owning this set of IEMs (apologies if this is not the correct terminology for this model), but I received a pair today which appear to be obviously damaged, and it's been refuted and claimed that this is a normal feature, ie that the backs of these headphones are not sealed on the part in question.


I find this completely absurd and wondered if anyone who might own, or have owned a set of these could confirm that this claim is nonsense?  I've never known mass production branded headphones to have their inner workings exposed in this way, and the obvious lip/seal around the edge of the rubber cap indicates it should be sealed down to me.


Basically this is the damage, where the rubber 'caps' on the rear of the buds appear to have detached, and the seller is alleging that this is normal and no grounds for a dodgy sale.

Link to image here since I cannot - as a noob - include the image properly in my post, sorry!


I'm really disappointed as I was hoping to really enjoy these before hopefully getting a balanced armature set of IEMs next year at some point.


Appreciate any knowledgeable input on this, thanks :)