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Search for the old models or just move on to the new ones?

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I lost my Cowon J3 with FIIO E17 and I feel very empty.  So I plan on rebuilding another humble gear to completely fill the void.  The question is whether to hunt for a used J3 or just move on to whatever is out there.

Cowon J3 was perfect for my needs.  It can withstand abuse of tight jean pockets, complete tactile buttons, and really good battery life.  Aside from SQ, the latter 2 are what gets me hesitant to go for either Fiio X3 or iBasso DX50.  I need long battery life for my usage.  There's Cowon X7 but size, lack of tactile buttons, and screen I don't really care about (I'm not fond of paying for features I won't use... like a big screen for a music player).  There's the X9 too, that solves my tactile button problems, but imagining it attached to another portable amp like a FIIO E11 (or something else), just looks like  mismatch, along with the screen I don't really like.

I'm still saving up for the gear, I'm a little flexible with price but don't ask me to get AKs.  I noticed that the longer time passes, the more J3 seems to get expensive, to the point they go against the prices of X3 and DX50.  X3's downfall for me is battery life.  10 hours simply isn't enough.  DX50's battery life might not satisfy me but I read that its battery is just the same as Samsung S3 (which I got some batteries of those).

So I don't know where to start and I'm asking for input.  Should I keep looking for a used J3 or should I just get one of the new models coming up?  

BTW I use Beyer 770 Pro 250 and ATM50.  I don't use IEMs and have plans of getting HD800 to rock with this future gear.  And uhh... I chose E11 amp because of its replaceable battery although I'd really want an O2 too... but I guess that's should be decided some other time.

Help me fill the void please.

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I cannot say the DAP I'm going to mention will suit you perfectly however I suggest you do a search on Hisound Audio Studio V 3RD ANV and have a read. It blows away the Cowon players in sound quality and runs 80 odd hours a charge has tactile buttons.
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Oh, wow!  I have not looked for (and forgot about) HiSound Audio for a long while.  Rocoo didn't meet enough of my needs before so I didn't look more into the company.  Studio V 3rd Anniv sounds mighty pleasing and (so far from what I'm currently reading) Studio V as well.  But Anniversary Edition is a little hard to find in my country AFAIK so I'm weighing them both down on costs.  Thank you for the suggestion.  The price is a bit high, but I'll definitely look more into it.

Battery life, metal casing, tactile buttons, Studio V seems to win over J3, X3, and DX50.  I'm impressed.

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Personally, I didn't like the Studio V, but I haven't tried any of the other Hisound players. 


I love my DX50 and IMO it is a clear step up from the X3. 

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In any case, thank you for re-introducing the company.  I'll be saving up for either Studio 3rd or DX. They're a bit pricy and I'm unfamiliar with the house sound of both, and so far, I don't see one of both available in my country yet.  I'll keep an eye out for them.  For now, I think I'll settle for Rocoo P while waiting.  It's the only HiSound DAP available aside from X3.

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