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Best headphones for EDM?

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I want to buy a pair of closed back headphones for Christmas. I've owned a pair of Sennheisers HD 202 and a pair of Philips Accessories Citiscape Downtowns. They have been good for budget headphones, but I want something better, so I'm bumping up my budget to $150.



- I listen mostly to EDM (trap, dubstep, electro, progressive, chill out, pretty much anything electronic) and I don't know much about what is best for that genre

- Budget: $150 or a little bit more (maybe price will go down for Black Friday)

- Preferrably on Amazon

- Preferrably a detachable cord (the cord is what I've screwed up on my past headphones)

- Closed back (I use them mostly on the bus)

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Vmoda LP2 and m80 are both DJ headphones that ate great for edm. Both are just over 100 on amazon right now
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