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Pick my next upgrade...

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Hello all...debating on which part of my setup to upgrade next.  Comments and thoughts would be appreciated!


Here's my current chain:


Home:  HRT MSII --> Schiit Asgard 1 -->DT880 (250 ohm)


Work:  Audinst HUD-mx1 -->DT1350


Vinyl:  Pro-ject Debut Carbon --> Pro-ject Phono Box USB V Preamp -->Onkyo Receiver --> Pioneer Speakers


My two thoughts are:


1)  Bifrost to replace my MSII.


2)  HE-500 to replace my DT880


Funds are limited, and either one of these purchases will take some time/effort.



I know that the Asgard 1 just barely meets the requirements to drive the HE-500s.  Even so, I wonder if that would still be the biggest sound upgrade I could make at this point.  


Thanks in advance!

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I think sound generators (headphones or speakers) have a much greater impact on the sound than any other component in a typical system. Sure, if you don't have an amp that can adequately drive your phones, then an amp can make a significant improvement, but so would changing the headphones.
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what is your budget?

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Originally Posted by rubinstein View Post

what is your budget?


$5-600.  I'd have to find the HE-500 used.

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go for HE 500, but you may need an Audiogd 15.32 or 11.32

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Lake People G109 would be pushing the budget but they are AMAZING for driving Orthos.  You might want to look at the G103 as an option.


EDIT:  Some Audio GD amps might be worth looking at as well although I'm not familiar with the models.

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Well, the issue is that I can only afford one upgrade for the near future.  


So, it's either the HE-500 with a compromised amp (until summer time, probably), or spending that money in other areas and worrying about the headphones down the road.

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I think I would save some money, keep your Asgard and buy some Mad Dogs.
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Have you heard them and been able to compare to the HE-500s?

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