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SoundMAGIC HP100, HiFiMan RE262 or something else...

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Just to let everyone know, I had a thread in the proper forum (help and recommendation) for four days, with only a single (still appreciated) response.


I currently own Brainwavz HM5 headphones, Magni and Modi, and use foobar2000, and have equalized for my ear canal's many resonant frequencies. I will use my Samsung GS3 and Fiio E18 for my portable setup.


I'm looking for another set of headphones, under 300 dollars, that will give me more listening pleasure. Please take all the following into consideration... 


MUST be either closed circumaural or IEMs.


       I feel my current setup is decent. Overall sound quality no longer is enough for me to enjoy, however. I'm happy with the bass extension, bass tones are present all the way to the bottom limit of my hearing ability (25hz) The problem is it's only a bass "tone," doesn't have any definition, no character or variations within the same frequency. I'm not sure if my expectations are too high, having heard competition SQ car audio setups where the bass, even if it was quiet, had soooo much juicyness, within the same bass note.


Maybe I'm looking for "tight, very extended bass?"


Mids and trebles seem all there, but presented much like the bass, in a flat characterless fashion.


I really enjoy sub-bass, and need to hear it when a song has it, but I don't necessarily want an overpowered bass. I would probably enjoy mids and highs as well, if I heard a beautiful presentation of them. I think that might be the main reason I love bass... I've heard the pinnacle of bass reproduction.


I do listen to any music that has a high production quality, and the genre just depends on my mood. Classical, Electronic, Bass music, Metal, Rock, Indie, Lounge, other Culture's dance music... I frequently listen to electronic, though, as low frequencies have a really strong, positive, psychological effect on my brain.



Other random information... 


When I listen to heavy electronic, trap, bass music, I don't like having to EQ every song differently, and still strain to hear the sub bass. I can hear down to 25hz, and using sinegen to verify, I know my HM5s can hit 25hz, audibly, but only when that's the only sound they have to produce. I also notice the bass is very sloppy with fast, low transitions (under 50hz).


My current setup has a weak link, and I'm guessing it's my headphones. I've done a bit of research on the SoundMAGIC HP100, and it seems there are a lot of people with quality control issues...


I've also started hearing this weird hollow sound at the beginning of each hit of the beat in a song... I've begun to listen to my headphones at a higher volume, in an attempt to increase my listening pleasure, but more quirks are rearing their ugly heads. Sounds in the 1000hz to 7000hz range get very piercing in some music. (I just went through the describing sound glossary, and the words "hard" and "harsh" describe what happens perfectly)


Thank you so much!

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Just to let everyone know, I am looking through and researching products that pique my interest from both the headphone buying guide, and the multi-iem review thread... I'm not only relying on responses to my thread. 


But I really would like some specific insight, which is why I created the thread in the first place. Please, if you have any knowledge that could help steer me, it is greatly appreciated.

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I tried out the B&W P7's - I found the soundstage too narrow and the bass too indistinct, so they were returned. I then tried the K550's - great soundstage ( very high and wide ), excellent detail and seperation but the bass was almost non existent, so back they went. After further instore auditions (B&O H6 and Sennheiser Momentums) I ordered the Soundmagic HP100's. Excellent soundstage, even presentation and the bass goes nice and low without colouring the other ranges. I personally found the upper bass range a little lacking, but the overall presentation of the music (and like you, I listen to all genres) to be the most balanced of all the headphones I tried. Highly recommended.
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