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New DT880 Manufaktur (pics included)

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So I haven't been on this forum for quite a while, because I have been happy with my setup for a few years now. The setup I have been using for a long time: Apogee Mini-DAC -> Meier Corda Cantate -> Senn HD650. Now, the HD650s still function great and I have been extremely pleased with them: build quality, sound quality, head comfort (for many hours at a time), durability, etc., but I thought it was finally time to switch it up a little. I went browsing around the forum a little bit, but found that not much had changed over the last couple years, except for the addition of the 'high-end' lines of headphones (each major brand now offers a ~€1000 pair of headphones apparently. The thing I was always interested in though, was a custom-built Manufaktur Beyer. I looked around to see if they were still up to par with current headphones, and it seems they are, judging from their appreciation over the forums. So I bit the bullet and took the plunge, and here is the result!

Build I made:
600 Ohms
Coiled Cable
Housing: metallic iron grey
Mounting: metallic silver dollar
End piece: metallic silver dollar
Headband: leather black
Earpad: velours silver
Yoke: glossy turquoise
Aluring: glossy turquoise
Cover: high-grade steel
Personalisation: name (blurred out)

For first impression, I just spent 30 minutes with them: the HD650s are definitely much darker and 'boomier', I didn't expect that much of a difference. The DT880s are brighter, but also more detailed. It seems the HD650s muffle out some details. Very interesting. I played Planetside 2 for about 10 minutes so far, but I think the HD650s are better for gaming. Maybe I need to get used to the DT880s some more.

I am really enjoying the new sound experience after several years of my standard setup though!
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Welcome to DT880-Land. I think you'll find they improve as you use them. It's a question of taste, of course, but I consider them superior to the 650 for my chosen genre--classical.


They certainly look brilliant. This personalising is a great idea by Beyer.

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