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Sennheiser Momentum sound with more bass

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I have recently purchased the over ear Momentums and whilst I think they sound great in terms of details, I feel they lack some bass to my ears. I have the V-Moda M80's and to me they don't have the detail of the Momentum's, but the bass is spot on. I of course immediately looked at the M100's, but from what I've read they are a tad too bass heavy and not quite as nice sounding as the Momentum's.


Another headphone I've just started looking at is the Philips Fidelio L1. From what I have read it is a great sounding headphone with a good amount of bass.


Can anyone give me some advice as to if the Fidelio L1 is on a par with the Momentum in terms of SQ and does it actually have more bass? When I talk about bass I mean quantity, obviously quality would be good too, but I just feel it's missing a little on the Momentum for my liking. As mentioned earlier, the M80 has the perfect amount of bass for me.


Thanks in advance.

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I think M-100 + XL pads = M-80 bass.  By default the M-100 has a stronger but more diffused bass compare to the Momuntum, and with the XL pads the bass is tone down towards more neutral, like the M-80.  I have never heard the L1 so I can't advise you on that.

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Thanks for the response Doc.


So that's really interesting, especially as the M-100's have come down in price in the UK. How do you find the SQ of the M-100 compared to the Momentum?


I have punted for the L1, so should get them tomorrow, but can always send them back. I'll post my thoughts on how they compare to the Momentum.

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Both are different in a good way and neck in neck in terms of quality.  However, the M-100 is a much more well rounded package over the Momentum because:


1, Momentum use a custom locking 2.5mm plug on the phone end, which makes it hard to find replacement cable; the M-100 uses standard 3.5mm plug.

2, the pad for the Momentum is smaller than the M-100 stock, and with the XL pad for the M-100, comfort can't be beat.

3, XL pad brings the sound for the M-100 towards neutral as mentioned before.

4, BoomPro Mic is great for VoIP and gaming.

5, the M-100 is much more compact and tough.

6, Amazon in Europe drop the price for the M-100 to 200 euros more than once, which is a total steal.

7, custom shields.

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Okay I have received the Fidelio L1 and given them a quick A-B with the Momentums. My initial thoughts are below.


Momentum vs Fidelio L1


  • The bass is definitely more to my liking. It is warmer sounding and a little more in quantity to my ears.
  • The presentation is much more laid-back to the Momentums. You don't feel as involved in the music.
  • The details are good, but because of the more forward presentation of the Momentums they sound a little more distant. Although they are there.
  • The treble is nice, rolled off, a lot like the Momentum.
  • Looks-wise I would say they are on a par with the Momentum, although they have a very different style.
  • They don't isolate quite as-well as the Momentum, but there isn't a massive difference here.
  • They are heavier and bigger, so that makes them not quite as portable. Although this isn't a killer for me.


So to sum up, I am very much undecided as to if I should keep them. I'm going to put some more hours on them tonight and I'll post some further thoughts later. Right now I quite like them, but I just don't think they sound quite as good as the Momentums, although I do prefer the bass.

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Okay this was a difficult one. I had a good listen to the L1's last night and before I went to bed, boxed them up ready to go back. I felt like they were a little too laid back and lacking in some detail compared to the Momentum.


However. I gave them one last go when I got into work and with fresh ears and not doing any hardcore A-B testing, was really enjoying them. I think the thing is that they aren't as an engaging listen, especially compared to the Momentums, but for work that is perfect. I actually don't want to be distracted. The warm smooth sound is spot on.


So I have decided to keep them and the Momentum's. I will use the Momentum as my main portable as the L1's are a bit to big for portables I think. The Momentum will probably be my all rounder, but for a more engaging listen I will use the Momentum. I think I will sell my M-80's, not because I don't like them, but I can't see me using them whilst having these two phones. They have given 1 and half years of joy though.


Anyway, I hope my findings help someone out.

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