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For Sale:
KGSShv on-board

Will Ship To: UK, or mainland Europe

Selling my second build of KGSShv for Stax “earspeakers”.  I have been listening to this for several months – love it.

No detectable hum or noise, just pure music.  Terrific with SR-507, 007 Mk1 and Mk2.  (Haven’t got a -009)


Same good parts and quality materials, careful and tidy construction.  Fitted into a modushop fully ventilated 2U case.  435mmW X 400mmD plus 10mm aluminium front panel 450 X 90.  Weight 10.1Kg


XLR balanced inputs only.  High purity screened input cables with Toxic Cable, ptfe insulated 600v internal wiring, Alpha pot. Wondersolder.


Same performance as the one demonstrated at head-Fi meet London, in April 2013.  This amplifier also incorporates the servo published by Dr K Gilmore earlier this year.  The output drift is held to a minimum. Amplifiers run off +/-450v internal supplies and use Sanyo 2sa1968 current sources. Output stage bias is the usual 5.5mA for this version.

For 230-240v 50Hz ac UK/Europe.

It is electrically safe and does not get very hot, max 40C on the top cover above heatsinks.


Note. I would like to add that this amp was built as a commission for a visitor to the April meet, who is unable to take delivery, so it has to be sold.

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