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I went to a show/meet last saturday.  I really suggest you attend one if you have not.


I listened, to lots of headphones, and for my needs decided on Mr. Speaker Mad dogs. 300

The Alpha's were also excellent for 600.


Now the amp.  I have a reference stereo system, so the headphone system will be used to travel and for my cigar smoking hobby outside. So I would like to keep the price of the amp down. 


I listened to the mad dogs with the lyr.  Great sound  not portable.  I know the Ray Samuel Lightning would be a great choice but 500.00. And the Alo international is more. I do not want to go balanced either.


I would like to spend at the most 300 bucks for the amp.


Has anyone listened to the 02 with the Mad dogs? I have read everything about the amp, but have not listened to it.  It seems like a logical choice for me.


I will also take any other suggestions.


Thanks in advance.