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For Sale: Sound Blaster ZXR (No ACM)

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For Sale:
Sound Blaster ZXR (No ACM)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking to go to an external DAC/AMP solution so I can use them for both PC and Console gaming, so no longer need the ZXR.

Its roughly 4 months old and has only been in 1 PC straight out of the box. Daughter board was never used, its still in the box. The ACM was sold a while back so that is not available, but it degrades sound quality to a certain degree as most people have come to notice.

Shipping can be discussed before you buy.

And sorry for the weird pic of the ZXR in my PC, I didnt feel like removing it yet just due to laziness lol.

Anyways take care!
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Bump for price drop.
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