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Better tagging on Foobar?

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So far, I have not been able to find any thing in Foobar that lets me organize/filter/sort by a specific tag, and anything that can let me add additional tags to songs that wouldn't be normally included in the file itself. That is, I want to be able to add certain things like tempo, tone, and other descriptors to songs that I can then filter through so that it only shows in the playlist viewer the songs that have the specified tags I want. Please point me in the right direction, whether it be something I missed in Foobar's UI, or a plugin that lets me do these things.

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You can easily construct playlists based on tag contents using the default foobar out of the box install.


Select the Album List. On the bottom left is a View drop down box. On the bottom right is a Filter box.


So it's easy to, for example, select all tunes added in the last year with genre techno, bpm < 125 < 140 in the key of A.


If you are unfamiliar with standard DB query language it might take you 1/2 hour to figure it out but there is comprehensive help available via the '?' selector.


I've never gotten round to adding custom tags. Never felt the need. So far anyway. Beatport tunes now come with all the relevant tags.


If I couldn't figure out how to do it on my own I'd look in the foobar forum.



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Foobar lets you add custom tags; in the Properties window for a file, click Tools, then Add new field. Then you can enter in the field name, and the field value.


Then you can sort or search those values by right-clicking the column header, going to Columns, then More. It lets you set custom columns based on the fields you're searching for.


Even without custom columns, you can still search for metadata. Searching "89.0" gives me all files with the tag REPLAYGAIN_REFERENCE_LOUDNESS set to "89.0 dB".

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