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Ath m50 vs. Shure se215

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Hi, I'm new here and I need to know to know which is better.I mostly listen to rock and dubstep. My price range is between 100 and 120 dollars.Thanks!
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You do know that these are completely different types of headphones, right? One is a full-sized over the head headphone, and the other is a small in-ear monitor with a cord that wraps over the back of your ear. Completely different experience.

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Yes I do know that, but I want to know which would fit the music genres I listen to. Does to shure se215 have enough low end to satisfy my dubstep music an enough clarity to hear rock music?
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I don't know much about headphones but for IEMs, check out the following:


  1. Vsonic GR07BE (excellent)
  2. Dunu N100
  3. T-Peos H-100 (V shaped signature. Good for EDM type music)


or check out these informative IEM comparison threads:

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