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I'm really Interested in the WS99 I was going to buy them but I'm getting the Yamaha pro 500 next.
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Originally Posted by Primetime86 View Post

Is that your attempt at humor? That's very funny you should be proud wink.gif lol joking aside if you want a more detailed opinion I'll give it a shot. Right, I find these great for EDM the bass hits hard and is pretty full souding. It creates a live and exciting experience.

Switch to something with vocals, I use Dont cry by Guns and roses as tester song as I know it so well. It sounds very muddled like the sound is trying to do to many things at once. There is no seperation and the detail lacking. His vocals sound behind and like it's trying to come through but it's stuck. I find this the case for a lot of music other than EDM. Also it's evident how boring and dry and not musical these are due to the mids and uneven mix with other types of music. My beef with the M100 is it's priced too high and it's advertised as something it's not.

Nope. Not an attempt in the least. I save telling jokes for when I'm on stage. I seriously believe that our ears may be tuned differently. I can't hear the muddled midrange you are describing. I'm not saying you're wrong or I'm right. We're just having two different experiences with the same headphone.


Some people can actually see, feel, smell and even taste music. Google "synesthesia."

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