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Hello! I am delighted by my low-budget combo, AKG K450 + Arcam rPAC.Those headphones were a big surprise for my birthday and I do not want to change them with a better model...For my DAC, I have recently upgraded my USB cable and my analogue interconnect, and the difference was...bloody hell ! I have made tons of blind tests with my friends and recognised the cables every time, so no placebo.I will get the Mattrix Quattro DAC later, and now, I`d like to get one of these cables...First, this one - it has a 2 year warranty.I am tempted by the looks of this one, and by its OFC 3.5mm jack REP-100, it costs 10 $ alone :


Second come this one, but some users complain in the feedback section about reliability, but it has a lifetime warranty :


And last, and most expensive is this one, with only 75 days warranty and some users complain about cheap looks.Just how much better is 6N, compared to 4N ?

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