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Music I listen to: Classical (baroque and romantic), metal (black, death, folk, thrash, traditional doom and funeral doom, speed/power), neofolk, martial industrial, darkwave, dark ambient and ambient/electronic (Biosphere).


So yeah, a pretty wide spectrum of genres, should be a nice challenge for you expert audiophiles.


What I'm looking for in headphones:


a warm, rich sound (so yeah a bit colored).


Shrieking/ear piercing treble/mids is a big no no when it comes to music for me.

Doesn't need to be bass excessive that muffles out the mids and the highs, just something that has a somewhat nice balance for my budget and could possibly handle a wide variety of genres.


I tend to listen to approx. 2-3 hours of music at times (just enough for Bach's Masses or something, heh) so fatigue isn't something I'm looking for, although I can deal with it (as I can with sweating)


I've read all the newbie guides here and what nots, so I've got a basic understanding of what's what (dacs, amps, burn ins, glossary/terms etc)


I listen to my stuff (music, movies, video games) 100% from my computer (so mobility doesn't matter). I have a built-in soundcard (I know it can't compete with real soundcards), and I listen to my music generally in the 320kbps range (classical is 100% FLAC, but some of the more obscure metal is usually somewhere in 192kbps range)

No dacs/amps/what nots yet.



Doesn't matter if the cans are closed or open, as long as they're circum-aural. I've heard some negatives about closed cans (lacks soundstage etc compared to open), and I checked the new Summer guide but the cans in my budget range were mostly closed (and it had suprisingly few options anyway), so yeah.


My budget is 150EUR/200USD. I'd like to spend it all for the cans, but if you can come up with cans + amp for that price range that's cool too (although improbable since quality amps apparently easily cost 100+ USD).


Bear in mind that I will not be ordering outside EU because customs is a bitch in my country (FIN) so that means even if you manage to find a pair of quality cans for let's say 150USD that could mean they cost close to 170EUR/230USD in EU countries (UK and GER is where I'd most likely order from via Ebay and other sites), so we'll see.


So far I've come up with ATH M50's and Shure SRH840. Feel free to recommend something more.



Thanks in advance