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Hi, I'm new on this forum, and hopefully you guys can help me out!

I bought a pair of V-Moda LP's, they were kinda cheap, and they work really well for the kind of music I listen to.

The 3-button cable that came with them doesn't work with my Samsung Galaxy S3, because they were wired for Apple products, but while the buttons don't work (which I expected) the wire also doesn't work properly, so I emailed them.

Basically they need a picture of a torn up wire to send me a new pair even though I said they weren't broken, so if anyone has an old picture of this for some reason, or any ideas to get around this that would be great, because I don't really want to break them unless I need to. Those wires are covered in Kevlar, so I'm not too sure I could break them if I even tried.


TL;DR: I need a picture of a broken V-Moda LP headphone cable, or some way to get around this requirement in their customer support.