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For Sale:
SOLD: Colorfly C4 Pro - Mint Condition - Box, Manual, USB Cable, Leather Case; HQ RCA to 1/4" adapter, and 32GB Sandisk microSD Card

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I purchased this unit back in May this year and have been quite happy with its sonics. I connected the C4 to my main system and was surprised on how good it sounded compared to my Wadia 381 player. Because there were so many attributes I really liked, I wrote an extensive review here on Head-Fi with its strengths and weaknesses. (


I listen to a lot of classical music. Since the C4 does not have gapless playback, I find it annoying when there is a pause between movements; I thought I would be able to adjust to this but I just can't. For most listeners, this will not be an issue since there are gaps between songs.


My C4 is in mint condition, in perfect working order, and includes everything I received with the exception of the European plug adaptor and the 1 meter USB cable. I replaced the cable with a 2 meter version which works perfectly. The installed memory is 32GB; I'm including a Sandisk 32GB microSD card so there is now 64GB of total storage. Given my limited portable use, I kept the C4 charged with a USB receptacle all the time, so the battery is fresh. Finally, the 1/4" output jack sounds better than the 1/8" jack, so I'm also including a high quality, gold plated RCA stereo to 1/4" adapter for those who like me want to use the C4 primarily as a hi rez server.


I take Paypal but there is a 3% up charge to the total. The price includes insured domestic shipping via USPS Priority Mail. This way, you'll have your new toy in a couple of days. I've made several sales here at Head-Fi, so my reputation is stellar.


I'll probably use the money to buy an AK 120, but I might wait just to see what happens with the high end portable DAP market. Neil Young's Pone is supposed to be out early next year and I may wait for that.


cheers ...