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Get The Most From My Headphones?

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I'm going to start this off by saying I'm very new when it comes to buying audio equipment. I recently bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohms but I feel like they're a little flat compared to my previous headphones (Gaming headphones - corsair vengeance 1500). I haven't even started using the DT770s yet because my Corsair headphones sound better right now.


I mostly listen to electronic music. I love bass but I don't want something that will make the bass so heavy that I can't hear the rest of the song.


I have been looking around for possible DACs / Amps but I've been skeptical so far. I really want something that will bring more environment to the music because everytime I listen to my DT770s they sound so bland.


So far I've looked at some Fiio products like the E11 and E17. I've heard some mixed reviews and haven't heard anything that definitively is what I'm looking for.


So here's what I'd like the product to have:

Not much more than 150 dollars

EQ so I can find the right sound for me

Increase volume

Decent bass improvement

Add more depth to the sound I've currently been getting


I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Any information is helpful.


Thanks in advance.

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A portable headphone amp may have some kind of bass boost, and the E17 has a treble adjustment, but in order to "find the right sound" you'll want to look to adjusting the EQ with your media player on your computer. Headphone amps/DACs don't have sophisticated EQ systems.

You needed worry that "will make the bass so heavy that I can't hear the rest of the song." A good DAC/amp should transparently reproduce the music and drive your headphones better. It will not itself significantly affect the bass, other than if it has a bass boost and you enable it. But the DT770s will likely perform a little better with a better DAC/amp to drive them.

That all being said, if you really aren't liking the DT770s compared to your Corsair gaming headphones, its possible that they are not the right headphone for you. I'm not sure what you mean by "bring more environment to the music" (you might want to qualify that), but don't expect a DAC/headphone amp to magically transform the DT770s.
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With 80 ohm headphones,  I suspect a simple headphone amp might get rid of the flatness and help with most of your issues.  Honestly a headphone amp will help most headphones sound more alive. Plus most amps built into devices are designed for low impedance head phones. Fiio products are inexpensive and pretty nice to add more volume etc.


You also might try out another set or two of headphones.  I love my alessandro ms1's.   Grado's products are nice, monoprice has some rebranded kickers that are amazing for the price.  It is up to you what you try.   It is like flavors of ice cream, a bit of a personal preference.


If the sound of a set of headphones is not to your tastes an amp might help but it won't transform the sound profile.

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