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For Sale:
Maverick Audio A1 Amp - Left Channel Problems - Sold As-Is

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have discovered the wonderful world of the O2 dac/amp and so I've decided to sell my Maverick Audio A1 amp.  I hadn't touched the amp in a while and was sad to discover the left channel doesn't function properly.  There is barely any signal coming through.  The right channel works fine.  I did some troubleshooting and found the left channel cuts in and out as I push on the bundle of cables within the amp (see third pic - bundle of cables towards bottom of the pic).  Both of the channels function properly at full volume levels if you push on the cables just so.  I know Ryan from Maverick Audio would fix this for me but I don't want to pay shipping back to China.  Thus I'm selling the amp in as-is condition.


The amp has a set of Raytheon tubes in it with some use.  I'm also including another set of Raytheon NOS tubes which haven't been used plus a set of AEG NOS tubes which I bought and never used.  I will include a standard power cord with the amp.


My asking price is $70 which includes Paypal fees and FedEx Home Delivery shipping to the continental 48.  I will gladly take $50 if you're in the Chicago area and want to pickup the amp.  I have limited feedback on head-fi so you can see my user account "sbergen10" on ebay or audiogon for more feedback.


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