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My situation is that I have 3 devices, Aune X1 MK2, Musiland monitor 3 and Creative hd x-fi usb. I intend to use Aune X1 MK2 like a preamp and connect it to Musiland monitor 3 and Creative hd x-fi for 2 laptop. Aune support 24bit/192kHz with coaxial and optical input and 24bit/96kHz with usb. Musiland monitor 3 US support 32bit/384kHz. The question is that if I use Aune X1 Mk2 as a preamp and Musiland as a external sound car, then is my final output sample 32bit/384kHz or 24bit/192kHz. Does Aune preamp change my sample rate from 32bit/384kHz to 24bit/192kHz? Likewise, if I connect my creative hd x-fi as a sound card (24bit/96kHz) to Aune X1 Mk2 (24bit/192kHz) through optical cable, can Aune updrade my sample rate to 24bit/192kHz?