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WS77 or M50 for portable

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currently i main headphone is the
k701 (with matrix m-stage amp and hrt music streamer 2 dac)

now im thinking of getting a portable pair of headphones since the college im currenting attending
takes an hour and 20mins to get there.
im looking for something easy to drive out of my sansa clip+.
(glad i own a clip+ way before getting into headphones)

and im craving for something different and interesting sounding. something different from my k701.

when a friend of mine said hes looking for new headphones,
i urged my friend to get an m50 as his first headphone since it seems very popular here
and theres a sale on it for 99.99 USD.
when he finally got his cans in the mail i got a chance to try it out of the box.
i see no problem with comfort as some people have, and i usually wear a cap so the headband wouldnt bother me anyways.
(i wear a cap whenever i use my k701 since the bumps on the band hurts)
on first listen to his m50s, i liked it instantly, and considered it as one of my portable option
(altho they arent meant for portable use, they seem rest around my neck fine and the fact that its really
rugged makes its nice)
altho i still like my k701 and my ad700 more. i like the m50s for a different reason, i gotta admit its a nice contrast from my k701 and ad700.
the bass on the m50 are a bit boomy and slow, mids are recessed, the soundstage is slightly claustiphobic,
but hey its only a hundred dollars.
but despite these weaknesses, the m50s are still enjoyable to my ears, tho the bass still bothers me a bit.
those m50s sounded quite warm. this is coming from a k701 and ad700. lol.

and now i want one simply because it sounded pretty good for a hundred.
i guess my taste are well attuned to various sounds.
the only headphones i ever heard are
ad700 (my first pair despite not being a friendly entry level pair)
and my friend's m50

so now im thinking about getting myself a pair if i want to listen to something different.
despite owning something in a different league compared to the m50,
i still want a pair, even if just for my collection altho i planning to use it as my simple portable setup.

should i blow my money on a pair of m50 or the new Audio Technica ATH WS77.

if possible i like the opinions of someone who owns both the m50 and ws77.
and i like to know about the ws77 sound compared to the m50.

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bump. its been 24hrs

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c'mon almost everybody here has an m50.
any m50 owners who has heard the ws77?

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