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For Sale:
FS: Enigma Audio one-off power cord

Will Ship To: USA, CAN

1/21 update: SOLD


$75 shipped FIRM within the USA. Add $10 for Canada. Sorry, will not ship to any other countries.


This is a one-off power cord made for me by Enigma Audio about 4 years ago. I originally requested a Mimetes with upgraded plugs to the Wattgate 5266 and 320 IEC (instead of the stock Marinco plugs), but as compensation for delayed order processing, I ended up receiving a custom one-off power cord that was intended to be in-between the Mimetes and Sherpa. Length is 6' and the jacket is a Techflex-type material that's extremely flexible, actually more flexible than any other power cord that I've owned. It bends and coils extremely easily, almost too easily. It also has a unique twisted-braid design that's visually odd yet attractive at the same time (which can sort of be seen in the pic).


I have no idea what the AWG is, but it should be somewhere between 12 and 16. Also obviously for use only with ~120V 15A outlets.


Even though I always used a different power cord on my primary source component (Signal Cable's Silver Resolution AC), this one has always been my favorite "audiophile" power cord over the years mostly because it was inexpensive and highly flexible. The flexibility can't be overstated, I guarantee that you won't find another aftermarket audiophile power cord that's more physically flexible than this one!


Selling to minimize my power cord collection, as I have 2 other cheaper ones that aren't being used right now either.


Enigma Audio's Web site is here:

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