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Music sources

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So I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser HD558s and I was wondering where I should listen to music online.

I usually go on Youtube, but earlier I was listening to a track I liked and it sounded kinda awful.

Kinda like when a can of pop comes off sour or bitter.

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Soundcloud tends to be a great place to go. I think it is plays at 128 CBR period. So, there is no variance in that aspect. Nothing amazingly high quality, but definitely an improvement over on the otherhand, is a service similar to Pandora, though different in the aspect that people take turns playing songs. The kbps there ranges from 128 CBR to 190 VBR (V2). 


Spotify streams at 160 kbps on desktop, though sub 100 kbps on mobile.


Finally, you can use Shoutcast or iTunes radio, and stream using bitrates ranging from 64- 320 kbps.




Hope this helps!




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I would recommend either Spotify or Pandora, if you don't mind listening to whatever comes on. I like the options Spotify Premium gives me, for only $10 a month.

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