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Amping the V-Moda M-100 - Page 2

Poll Results: Will the sound QUALITY benefit?

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Your never going to get a clear answer...

This is one of those times when you can give up lol.
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Baaaah ok.. Thanks for trying though everybody. I'm gonna just get the m100s and run them unamped and go from there.
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I was planning on buying some m100s along with a fiio e12. I actually haven't listened to the m100s yet so i'm iffy about getting an amp with it. It is a $120 investment so i'm not sure its worth it. Anyone have any suggestions?

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No worries, as plenty of people amp their M-100 with FiiO's stuff.
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Thanks I think i'll get the e12 then, it'll be my first amp to start off my audiophile journey smily_headphones1.gif

Edit: I decided on going with the jds labs c5 from miceblue's reviews of it
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