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For Sale: FS: Bryston BDA-1

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For Sale:
FS: Bryston BDA-1

Will Ship To: Canada, CONUS

I have decided to switch to a portable setup for a while, and hence I am selling my beloved Bryston stack and HD800.


This is a bright sound signature setup. If you want to hear every little detail of your music, this is the perfect system. The soundstage is addictively wide and airy, with impeccable instrument separation.The Bryston pair also sounds wonderful with planars such as the HE-6 and LCD-3, warming up while keeping a very impactful sound.


The BHA-1 is the improved version with preamp outputs. The BDA-1 comes with a BR-2 remote (toggles power and audio outputs - you can control playback too with the BDP-1 or BCD-1). The HD800 comes with two DIY aftermarket cables (DHC Nucleotide and Toxic Silver Poison) of 1m (3.25') each terminated in 4-pin XLR, as well as the original TRS cable.


Both Bryston units are in 8.5/10 condition (one minor imperfection). The BHA-1 has a faint mark on the rear of the top panel, and the BDA-1 has a minuscule scratch between the machined Bryston logo and the model indication (above the A in "BDA-1"). The HD800 are in 8/10 condition (tiny paint chipping on each side near the connectors, at the lower edge of the ear cup).


I still have the original shipping box and custom foam for the BHA and BDA, and I'm pretty sure I can find the paperwork too. I have the HD800's carrying case and box, both with some wear. The instruction booklet is still in its plastic sealing.


Here are my asking prices for each buying option:



Sennheiser HD800 (+cables): $1200 SOLD


Bryston BHA-1: $1000 SOLD

Bryston BR-2: $250 SOLD

Bryston BDA-1: $1100



Feel free to send me a PM if there's anything more you'd like to know.

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