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Ok, so I think I've decided I'd like to purchase a pair of Paradox headphones from LFF. I plan to use them for recording all kinds of guitar driven music (Nylon, steel string, heavy electric), but I'm not sure exactly what MIDI I want to pair them with. I currently have a fast track pro which I am extremely disappointed with. It's buggy, doesn't supply enough power to my DYNAMIC mics, and frequently needs to be reset or it will suddenly increase the volume to extremely high levels that the power knobs do not appear to affect.  


So,I'd like an interface that will:

1. Properly drive these Planar Magnetic cans

2. Provide enough power for 1-2 condenser microphones (i'm thinking the GrooveTube GT 55)

3. Be compatible with both Audacity and Pro-Tools

3. 200$(great )400$(MAXIMUM)


I emailed Louis at LFF with some of my questions, and his response was to consider the EMU 0404 USB. It seems like a good interface to me, but I am confused about its driving capabilities. On their website it says that their headphone's amplifiers output impedance is 28 OHM's, but the Fostex T50RP's are 50 OHM impedance headphones. I don't doubt Louis's opinion, but I have purchased a dis-satisfactory midi interface in the past, and I'd rather not repeat the experience. 


I get the impression that Head-Fi is a community mostly concerned with headphones, amps, and DAC's, but I'm hoping I can get a few Head-Fi'ers who also produce music to help out a newbie :)

If not however, a detailed explanation (hopefully one that I can understand) about selecting the right output impedance for my headphones would be really helpful.