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Help repairing HD800 cable.

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Hey guys, I can't believe I'm asking help repairing a cable, but for the life of me I can't figure what's wrong.

So today I found out my cable insulation cracked, don't really know how that happened, just took it out of the box and it was like that, oh well. The insulation was cracked pretty badly and some of the cable was showing through, I figured I just put a little electrical tape on it and seal the deal. However, afterwards I noticed the sound began disappearing from the damaged side. Well, I figured maybe some of the leftover original insulation is smashing into the cable and maybe creating problems that way. So I removed the electrical tape and removed/cut the previous (damaged) insulation underneath it, and saw that the cable is covered in some sort of green paste/paint, I assumed it must be another kind of insulation and didn't put anymore mind into it, and just taped the cable again around the damaged section. Then when I plugged the headphones in, the damaged side almost completely stopped working, I can twist it around to make it work, but if I just let it hang it's dead.

What's going on? Should I clean the green paste? Is the cable damaged? (Oh and here I should point out that the cable itself looks completely intact). Any help is appreciated.






edit: I just thought of something... that green stuff, that wouldn't be... corrosion, would it? I'm an idiot. I'll try to clean it tomorrow and see if that helps.

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possibly the sound cutting is from the 2 wires shorting out.. not ideal but would definately fix it is is to cut that part out strip a bit and soldier the 2 ends together and put some shrink wrap over it

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