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Hi all,


I'm a newbie with audio and I want to upgrade from my cheap skullcandy earbuds. I don't have a very high budget, around $70. I've been looking around for sales and saw that the

Sennheiser HD428 is on sale for $30


 The Audio Technica ATH-M30 for $40 on Amazon


and the Sony MDR-XB600 for $50 on Amazon.


Which would one do you think has better sound quality and better fit my needs? I'm just going to use these headphones to listen to music and play games on my laptop. I do like bass so that's why I was looking at the Sony MDR XB600. The Audio Technica has over 1000 reviews on Amazon so I thought that wouldn't be such a bad choice. The Sennheiser is fairly cheap. Or what headphone would you guys suggest?


Thank you so much!!