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Hi, it's my first post in this forum. I have a question to ask about the astro mixamp. I have both the 2013 edition and the 2009/2010 one (the one that doesn't output sound through usb).


My question is, I've seen many posts in this forum about using headphone amps with the mixamp. Mad Lust Envy's guide also shows headphone amp connected to the mixamp.


To the actual question. Is it possible to use the older mixamp as a headphone amp by running 3.5mm to rca cable from the 2013 mixamp to the 2010/2009 one?

The exact setup would look like this:

toslink=>2013 mixamp => y splitter => minijack to rca cable => 2009/10 mixamp => headphones

Does this setup make any sense?

Also have you guys ever used mixamp as guitar amp? If yes, what is the best setup for it?


Thank you for your answers, sorry for my bad English, I'm not a native speaker