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For Sale:
PHONO Musical Fidelity V-LPSII (MOD) + AMB Sigma11 PSU

Will Ship To: Anywhere

- Opamps replaced to Bur-Brown OPA627AP
- Dip-8 sockets installed for an easy opamp rolling
- all "jamicon" caps replaced to boutique grade ELNA SIMIC II, Carefine and some Panasonic FM(2)
- MM section input caps Auricaps
- Output caps SoniCap Gen I


All in all, it's a totally different beast now. It outclasses original version in every aspect. The biggest audible improvement brought opamps change to OPA627. Second most important was AMB Sigma11 PSU.


Did all this work as a hobby and put a lot of hours in testing/listening to different caps and opamps combinations. It turned out Sonicap Gen I sounded most pleasing to my ears than Jupiter HT or Multicap RTX. Original Jamicon BP was totally unacceptable.


Tested some opamps including AD8610AR and solid-state BURSON. In my opinion Burson performed best (deeper sound stage, improved imagining, pleasantly balanced) but due to it's size it was not possible to use it. At the end it all comes up to personal preferences.


The only reason for selling is that I have modded X-LPS V8, which with bigger casing can fit big Burson opamps inside.

I have no clue how much to ask so make me a reasonable offer and we'll go from there.


Also, I can give a week time of evaluation. If you don't like it I can take it back.


Pickups welcome in North NJ 07407














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