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Ever use MusicBee media player?

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Check out this *free* media player. 




Has wasapi out of the box and is great for retrieving album art. Used to use foobar2K but this is my player of choice now. Supports winamp plugins too. Also, if you try it check out the theater mode too for some eye candy. File>view>theater. You can click on artists name in bottom right where art is displayed and it opens wikipedia url for the artist.

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I use it on my laptop, which is mainly for traveling, so I'm by no means an expert. But it's a good media player. Very user friendly smily_headphones1.gif
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Yes user friendly but also has advanced options too, like wasapi, replay gain, mass tag editing, etc. and also has eye candy mode for WMP lovers.

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Goodbye iTunes.... Hello Musicbee.

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It could be a placebo, but to me it sounds better than iTunes.

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It definitely runs better and lighter than iTunes. No hiccups or choppiness under normal multi-tasking like I was getting with iTunes, and by normal multi-tasking I mean simple stuff like browsing this very forum with Google Chrome while listening to music stored on my hard drive. 


It is also highly customizable. You can organize it to look however you want. You can skin it and make it look way better than iTunes. 


This is how I have it setup as of right now, nice and dark.


The sound is definitely better than iTunes, WASAPI is working in exclusive mode, and it sounds great. 


iTunes and all of it's associated crap has been deleted off of my computer, so it's a done deal.

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