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Well as I stated already, I am no audiophile and I am new to this site and anything even similar to this. So please excuse my terminology when it comes to my descriptions.  What I should have wrote was that I want a deep warm sound. Better? I'm learning. 

Okay, so after much MUCH reviewing of all of the options of IEM's I finally made a decision. I figured since I am still new to all of this I could start around a middle tier headphone and be quite happy. I ordered the Wooduo 2's from Amazon for 80 bucks and CAN NOT WAIT to receive them. Essentially,  I was looking for BASS, build quality, and isolation. I read that the isolation for the wooduos can be a  little off so I ordered a pair of T-400 comply tips to go with my new wooduos. I have not received my IEM's yet but it should be any day now. (except Sunday of course) I just wanted to thank everyone out there. Thank you for your comments, replies, reviews, suggestions, etc. In my search to find the right IEM's I became somewhat addicted to this site! reading about various different IEM models and everyone's opinions made making a choice much more educated and dependable. Now of course I realize that the only true judge of what I really want will be 'this guy' but I can now feel pretty confident with my purchase that I have made the best choice considering the circumstances. 

I will be honest, I still don't exactly know what an audiophile is but I want to thank all of you audiophile's out there for being whatever exactly that that is! I have learned so much from all of your posts. So much so that it has changed the way I listen to music. Although my ''awesome'' Sony MDR-XB500's have lost a bit of their glimmer that I thought they once had, I really look forward to the future of my audio appreciation! 

Anyways, I'll post more after I have actually received my Wooduo 2's and gave them a nice burn in.

Happy holiday's people!

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Looking forward for the review from you. 

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So after putting in 100+ hours of burn in time, I am beyond satisfied with my purchase of the Wooduo 2's. I will attempt to give a review of these but before I do I have to say this... I read quite a few reviews that stated there were some isolation issues so I had also purchased some Comply T400 foam tips and have not used any of the tips that came with the Wooduos. With that being said here is my review of the hisound wooduo 2.


HighsoundAudio Wooduo 2




Size of the driver@9mm

Impedance16 OHM


 Maximum SPL (sound pressure level)127db1khz1 Vrms

 Frequency response16-23khz

Earphone jack 3.5mm

Length of cable 124 CM

Chamber: red rosewood


Build/Design: The build of these bad boys is dynamite. They are quite small and light weight but with the African rosewood and metal nozzle they feel very solid. Definitely do not have a cheap feel to them as a lot of IEM's do. The Wooduos have a flat wire to prevent tangles but at the same time it is not too stiff and keeps out of the way pretty well. I work out, ride my bike, and go jogging often and have not had issues with this cord yet. Also has a nice hard straight jack which makes for easy pull. So overall for the build and design I would rate them a 4.5/5.


Fit/Comfort/Isolation: As I have already stated, I knew what I was getting before I got them so I went with the Comply T400 foam tips which give a big boost to the fit, the comfort and the isolation to these IEM's. Because they are pretty small and light weight I do not have any issues with them moving around once they are in my ears so the fit is pretty tight. The nozzle is pretty long which allows for a nice and deep fit. I can wear these things for hours and hours. Also, I have read some reviews stating that these things have some microphonics. I have not experience any of that yet. Maybe the tips that came with this work great and Maybe I didnt need the comply tips but because of everything I have read I have to give these a 4/5. (with comply tips though... 5/5 for sure)


Sound Quality: Well I was looking for bass. Guess what?! I got BASS. These things stand strong against my boombastic sony mdr-xb500. The difference? EVERYTHING! First, I will say this, I LOVED my mdr-xb500's BUT when I got my wooduo's I felt like the sound that I got from my sonys was so drowned out by the bass. With my Wooduo's the bass is clear, solid, deep, and punchy but keeps to its own. The mids come off great, very well pronounced. The highs seem much more crisp than what they did in my sonys. I wouldn't exactly say that they sparkle but still very good. I've read someones review who compared these IEM's to a home theater in your ears. I completely agree. These have a nice and wide soundstage separating the instruments, vocals , and sound fx pretty well. I am going to give these a 4/5 for sound quality. GREAT SOUND.


Price vs Quality: Im going to start by saying I  personally think if your looking for quality sound in an IEM with big bass...there is no better deal out there than the Hisound Wooduo 2's! I picked these up on for $80. Even after all of the great reviews that I had read, I still was skeptical. But now that I have them with the comply T400 tips I am Very very Very happy with my purchase! After shipping, tax, and everything I only spent $98. DEAL!!! As a nice little bonus these come with 7 pairs of tips, a branded shirt clip, a cool little fish cable wrap that fits perfectly in the zippered clamshell carry case. Packaging was not great but I still give these a 5/5 for price vs. quality. 


Final Word: To make it pretty simple I will put it like this... If I lost these headphones and had to buy new ones but the price had gone up $150 from what I originally got them for, I would not even hesitate to buy them again. I wanted a pair of headphones that would provide a deep, warm, and detailed sound and that is what I got. And for an incredible price, might I add. As far as the bright red cord and rose wood appearance go... well not my taste really, I'd love to have these all blacked out but I am not complaining. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a quality pair of headphones without spending over $300. These are good for just about any style of music that you may listen to. With an equalizer on your listening device sky's are the limit!

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Nice review. I like the case HisoundAudio has provided with their IEM/earbuds but that 'Fish' cable winder is something I don't use at all.

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