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I don't see a lot of intros here, but I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been a Head-Fi lurker for years after buying my first pair of nice headphones (DT880s) and a Corda amp from Jan Meier back in 2003. I've been interested in getting into orthos lately, and decided it's finally time to join. No need to apologize for my wallet, you guys have helped empty it for a decade already!

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hi there,


I'm planning to take the Ortho jump soon as well,


What are you thinking of?

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I was first looking at LCD-3, but it's a little out of my price range. So I guess I'm leaning towards the LCD-2 or maybe waiting to see how the Oppo turns out. I'm also interested in learning more about the Alpha Dogs, as I listen to closed headphones a lot.

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not bad, LCD-3 are out of my price range to :) I'm hoping to close up a sale of LCD-2 this week though! 


The Oppo does seem interesting but i just like the LCD-2/3/X sig so much already,


Have you listened to any of these cans in the past?

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hiya, welcome to headfi :)

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I'm still sorry about my own wallet

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Hi all, also new to headfi. Great information.

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Cakensaur, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to listen to any orthos yet. I keep toying with the idea to borrow the LCD-2 or 3 from the Cable Company. If I don't end up liking them, I'd maybe put the deposit towards some RS-1s, which would be my next planned purchase if I went for dynamics. I noticed someone posted earlier about using LCD-2 with a Peachtree NovaPre, which is what I've been using for a headphone amp. I'll need to track down that thread...

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From the DT line have you thought to explore the higher HE line from HiFiman if you are looking simply for an upgrade from the DT880? or the ultimate upgrade from the DT880, the T1.








or code-X?


Although the bottom two would need a considerable amp, a speaker amplifier is usually a viable alternative.


I say this because i have always got along with the hifiman's, but it's taken 3/4 listens for me to see what everyone else did in the LCD series.


 "try before you buy" is really a mantra to stick by.

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I've read a lot about the HE-500 as well, so it's definitely one to add to the list. Maybe I can make it to a local Head-Fi meet (NC) one of these days and try some of these out before deciding.

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it is a good 'phone, i was seconds away from pulling the trigger on them but opted for the Beyer T1 instead.


Head-fi meets are GREAT to try out loads of different stuff, go to one as soon as possible, its always a friendly environment so it tends to be a good day out actually

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