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Recommended Over/On Ear Cans

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Hi I had another thread open with and tried to get some recommendations for an upgrade from some Etymotic HF5's 

What recommendations are there for about the $200 price range. I not really considering any open back  headphones as i work in a small office and do not want too much leakage. Will annoy everyone around me. 

I've been considering either some Grado's (but not sur ehow much leaks out of them) or AKG's (again most of the ones i've seen are open back)

Hopeing for some recommendation at about $200 for some good neutral headphones that I can use with a PC for the time being and then looking to purchase a Fiio e10 or e19 for use with the pc at work. 

Any recommendations would be good i'm getting confused looking at the reviews. 

Afer reading some review thoguht ehe AKG 701's would be good but there open back from what i understand and they definately need a DAC to drive them properly

Some possible ideas are
, akg271mkii,
Sennheiser HD-598
Sennheiser Momentum(pushing th budget )
Grado sr80i
Beyerdynamic DT 770
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I have the Grado sr225i and AKG Q701 and they are excellent headphones for the price, but they are open back and I don't think your co-workers will appreciate that ;). Open headphones generally sounds better then closed, but they will leak sound in and out. If you wan't to know, how much they leak, I can say that I can hear music playing from my headphones even in a neighbour room with open doors - in the same room I can even listen to lyrics.


Also, what do you like, headphones with a slight emphasys on bass, or more flat response, more details, warmer, brighter, etc.? What kind of music do you usualy listen to? What would be your source?


The DAC (digital to analog converter) is not used for driving headphones. As the name suggests, it converts the digital signal from your computer for example, into a analog signal. Roughly said, it makes the music sound better, however the role of the amplifier is to amplify that signal for the headphones, so the headphones are capable to drive the music properly. 

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Hi Thank you for the response. I was thinking the open back headphones would like but never new it was that much, but i guess that's expected when they are not sealed. 


I think i would prefer a warmer type sound, don;t want an over emphasis on the bass. 


I listen to Dance/House Music, RNB/Rap, Rock and music theme (instrumental type stuff e.g Hans zimmer, Enio Morricone, and even some orchestra covers of themes) The music themes are good background music when i'm coding (i'm a developer by day). 


I thought the Fiio DAC's had amplifiers within them also? 


I' guess i'll have to start looking into the Closed headphones a bit more, seems the ones i've listed are mostly open. 

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Are you sure you want neutral response? I would think you'd want more bass. Well, I would not get the HD598, K701/2 etc, or any grado. I'd go with something like the ATH A900x, K550, DT770, or ATH WS99. The last one is kind of bass heavy,.
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I do not want too much bass would like to hear it. you may be right in saying complete neutral is not right. I currently have etymotics hf5 and the bass that comes from them when they are inserted correctly and sealed is great and i like the rest of the sound that comes from them.


I'll start reading some reviews for the new ones suggested, are there any with the easily replaceable cables like on the akg701? Or is it a bad idea to a proprietary cable that can be replaced?

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The k551 does, though it costs more.
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For dance/house and R&B the DT770 pro would fit your needs. They have good bass, but are not very warm. The Momentum are a bit warmer. They however don't need an amp. You might want to look at Shure srh840 too. I never heard them, but they might be what you need.


The Fiio e10 is a DAC/amp, and would drive the listed headphons OK. Just don't expect to make a big difference in sound. For that you would have to increase your budget.

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Thanks for the Response. I'll look a bit more into the dt770 they are low price on amazon at the moment. I'm guessing i'd be looking at the 32ohm not 250ohm unless get a amp. 


Is the e9 a DAC and amp? 


i was hoping that he akg were what would suit what i listen too really like the look of them. 


I'll take a look at the shure's now. 


Another question what are they like with prolonged wear? i sometime wear the etymotics for 6 hours in a day sometimes more? 

I am looking for great sound and not fatiguing

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Id get the 80 ohm if I were you. The e09k/e9 are amps, not dacs.
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From the review i've read the shure's seem out of contention now alot of complaints are big bulky, not the best for rnb and treble isn't the best. 

Looks like dt770 or the k550's are top of the list for now.

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Well I listened to the DT770 only for about 20 min at my friend's place, so somebody that owns them would be a better source. I haven't found them fatiguing though and to me they were really comfortable. And it would probable be best as mentioned before to get the 80 ohm.

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Sorry Trunks159 i missed you post. I'll look at the pricing for the 80ohm and thanks for the DAC comment. Would a DAC make the most difference to the sound of the headphones or an amp? i'm new to the DAC/amp area as you can tell.

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It depends on your source. I'd get the fiio e10 and call it a day as its both a dac and amp, with enough power for the DT770.
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You don't exactly need an amp for the AKG K550s though it doesn't hurt. I use a Fiio E11 to power K550s and Q701s off of my phone and tablet. The K550s can get by without it but the amp really fills out the sound, especially the bottom end with the EQ (more like bass boost) settings.

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I'll be looking into the e10 then, I thought i'd suggest the e9 earlier as it's more powerfull from what i've read. 


RamblinE what are your thoguhts on the k550's?

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