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Re-wire/repair K701s?

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I have a pair of k701s that have been a workhorse for a couple years now.  Unfortunately, they seem to be losing a connection internally, as one (sometimes both) channel cuts out often unless I jiggle the cable at the connection point to the left headphone.  Has anyone performed any rewiring/repair work on this particular pair of cans?  Can someone provide maybe some photos of the process or a few things I should know?



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I also have problems with one channel shutting doqn on my K701's and would really appriciate any advice on how to fix it.

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This happened to my son's headphones after 4-5 years and I was easily able to fix them.  First do a search for the k701 manual and parts list.  This will have directions on how to disassemble the phones.  AKG still sells replacement cables for cheap so I just got the part number (#0110E0287) and contacted the US AKG customer service.  I called them direct and they were very helpful, only took 10 minutes.  You can replace the cable with an aftermarket one but it will probably need you to modify the headphones by drilling a new access port.  The original cable was the best solution for me as it mounts securely in the original port.  Then it is just a matter breaking down the headphones and re-soldering the new cable to the connections.  Took me and my son less than an hour to do this and his phones are good as new.

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I pinged AKG, which is owned by Harman/Kardon, and they are sending me a replacement cable.  They have no resources on their site on how to disassemble or do repairs, although they used to.  The tech told me, "No service documentation available.  Our techs learned on the job."  O.o


BUT, I did find the old documentation using the Way Back Machine:

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Yep, that's the doc I was referring to.  It is not long but was enough to get me through the process.  GL.

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i would contact BTG_AUDIO he does excellent recables  for a good price.

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There's Russ Andrews Audio if you're in the UK, but it's rather pricy.
My second hand K701's were recabled by them before I bought them and it's a really decent job.

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Update.  I received the cable from AKG courtesy of Frank Rodriguez, their customer service administrator, free of charge.  It took only 3 days from the initial e-mail exchange to have the cable in my hands in Seattle.  Last night, I was able to fix them completely, despite my horribly unsteady hand with a soldering iron.  I thought I would document it for anyone who wants to know.  I put a new thread on it in the DIY forum here.

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Very Cool. 

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nice repair

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