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Thanks for the pics, y'all! Looks like a great meet.


It's been a long time since seeing my NY(/CT/MA/NJ) Head-Fi buddies. Will try to make the Spring event.

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Maybe next time you make the trip Sergei......

Too little time, too much to do. As mentioned previously the K1000 were a popular listen even though the noisy environment was not ideal for them of course.


Catch up with you again soon via email.
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This was my first meet and I had a great time! Thanks Mullet for organizing a great event and thanks to Jack (Woo Audio) for the pizza. Met a lot of great, friendly Head-Fiers. Saw a lot of stuff that is way beyond my reach at this time but thanks to bozebuttons, I have an awesome pair of Grado SR80i's with Alumod cups as well as other mods. They sounded incredible on the Woo WA7! Can't wait for the spring meet.

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This was my first meet as well and it was indeed awesome!  I really appreciate the effort it took mullet to organize it.  A big thank you to the vendors and community for sharing all their awesome gear.  I felt like a kid in a candy store haha  I think I was most impressed by the RWA gear and the Audeze headphones.  I have my eye on the bellina, lcd-x combo.  It makes my t1 setup sound bright but perhaps that wouldn't be the case if I had a wa2?

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I had a great time to meet new and old friends. There is always something new to discover. I was surprised to hear "dude_500"'s home brew electrostatic headphones. It sounded very good indeed. I wish you the best for your future endeavors.


The gentleman next to my table lent me a AC power cord. I want to return it. He had a Stax setup and was next to Nikongod's table. Can anyone tell?



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Originally Posted by WooAudio View Post

I had a great time to meet new and old friends. There is always something new to discover. I was surprised to hear "dude_500"'s home brew electrostatic headphones. It sounded very good indeed. I wish you the best for your future endeavors.


The gentleman next to my table lent me a AC power cord. I want to return it. He had a Stax setup and was next to Nikongod's table. Can anyone tell?




That was me, although I think I grabbed the one you borrowed from me, so that one may be someone else's.


I had a great time at the meet. It was nice meeting a bunch of local members. I hope to see you all at future meets.


I enjoyed listening to a number of great headphones like the abyss, 009, R10 and DIY elecrostats. I'm happy with my home setup for now, but the alpha dogs are definitely on my wish list for my work rig.

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That cover photo looks like a rock group's artsy t-shirt image. Best-looking headier award?

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I had a great time at the meet, as always. 


Per usual I mostly wandered about and exchanged chit chat with people, my system is pretty well dialed in so I dont really listen much anymore. Its kind of sad to see so few noob's popping in to discuss what you all heard. That was always a cool part of these threads in the past. 


Anyways, I also took a bunch of pictures. 















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First round, more to come


K1000 – These probably impressed/surprised me the most out of any headphone ever. I really didn’t know what to expect. I am a huge AKG fan, and as such, I have a poster of the K1000 in my room. I have always wanted to listen to the K1000, which is why I jumped on the opportunity to ask Joe to bring his to the meet. It was awesome that Vinnie brought a pair too, which I would have bought if Jack didn’t swoop them up. Out of Frank’s WA5, the K1000 had an excellent soundstage, which I expected to sound distant, but was actually quite forward. It was pretty well balanced, and I didn’t feel anything really stuck out as a weak point. The treble clarity was definitely a surprise to me, though. It was really an excellent sounding headphones and I hope to own a pair down the line.


WA5 – Frank’s WA5 was also a real highlight for me. I expected it to sound much more tubey and warm then it did. It sounded very open and articulate, and in my opinion, it sounded much more like a SS amp then a tube amp, but with added spaciousness. Sounded great with the K1000 and the HE6. Too bad its way out of my price range :(


HE-90 Clones – I didn’t exactly know what the hell these were when I put them on. They were HUGE, that’s all I knew. They were a bit bright, which I like generally, but these were a little lacking in bass for me. However, they had great resolution and presentation, and the imaging was spot-on. I also enjoyed the Blue Hawaii Tyler built. Very very impressive DIY skills.


Alpha Dogs – Man, I love talking to Dan. I didn’t get to as much as I would have liked to, but he’s really a great guy, and a knowledgeable one, too. We got into some nice discussions while there. The Alpha Dogs were a clear step up from the Mad Dogs, which I previously liked. I only heard the prototype, so take these with a grain of salt. For closed headphones, the Alpha Dogs had a crazy soundstage, which I thought was a good selling point. The treble was much more apparent than on the Mad Dogs, another selling point for me. The mids were a little recessed, which is my only minor gripe with these. Apart from that, they were fantastic headphones, and I think Dan will have great success with the Alpha Dogs.

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The Fall 2013 New York Head-Fi Meet, an Audio360.org Show Report

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

by Frank Iacone

New York Head-Fi members gathered together for their Fall 2013 headphone meet at the Adria Hotel in Bayside NY this past Saturday, November 9th.

The event was well attended, the room completely filled with approximately 70 members. Many new faces joined us as well as long time veteran members who attend the meets regularly. The turnout was exceptional and we had some very interesting vendors and guests who helped to make this event a memorable one.


The day started for me at 5:30AM with my drive to get to the meet. I arrived at 7:45 to setup my gear and then enjoyed meeting the new members and seeing some familiar faces - great people whom I only see twice a year.


The potpourri of gear shown and shared ranged from the very exotic to the portable every day rigs we all use and love.

Woo Audio's WA234 pushed the boundaries of what is possible and represented the very top in high-end design in amplification, and the new and exciting Audeze X headphones made their NY debut.


There were products from DNA (Donald North Audio) and Cavalli Audio at the meet, as well as the exciting new products from Schiit Audio. Burson and Woo Audio had many of their products in use.


The day was filled with excitement, and Jack Wu who bought all the members some excellent NY pizza for lunch. The day concluded at 4pm and a few members went to the Bayside Diner for Dinner. The day went by too fast.


DIY was in abundance at the NY meet, accounting for some off the most exciting and unique set-ups as well.




Dan Clark was setting up the Cavalli Liquid Glass Amplifier to showcase his Alpha Dog closed headphone. Dan always has a big smile on his face and is a super supporter of Head-Fi meets.




HiFiMAN had their amplifier driving their HE400, HE500 and HE6 headphones.




Jack Wu was showing Woo's WA234 mono-blocks.




Head-Fi Member Decur, traveling down from Massachusetts, listening to the hD800 on the Woo WA5 balanced with a moon Black Dragon cable. Dean always makes the trips and is always great company.




Kerry showing off his latest electrostatic amplifier built for Stax Headphones.




Mullet salivating over the AKG K1000 on the Woo WA5 with Dave Derek looking on.




Steve Guttenberg from CNET (center), and Jonathan Scull from Scull Communications (right, seated) were in attendance looking at the not-so-silent auction to help defer room costs.




The Mod Wright BDP 105 was smoking. Transparency and finesse was very noticeable.








Head-Fi Member Joe brought a table full of goodies, including another pair of AKG K1000, a vintage pair of Grado Headphones, a Parasound Zamp and a Teac UD-5001.








The HD 800 was fully balanced using the XLR jack of the Woo WA5. Shocking results. The HD 800 had more resolution and better transparency. The HD800 liked the additional power and sounded excellent.




Tyler with his DIY electrostatic headphones that sounded very transparent, musical with great detail. They reminded me of Sennheiser's HD 90.






The $15,900 WA234 monoblocks with a $5,600 Abyss headphone mesmerized Head-Fiers all day long.








The DNA Sonnet with the WA7 and Dan Clark's Mad Dog Headphones were making some very nice sounds.




NikonGod conducting the not-so-silent auction.




My brother John, attending his first ever Head-Fi meet, was listening to the LCD-3 on a Woo WA7. He also liked the WA234 with the Abyss headphone, but preferred the sound and fit of the LCD-3 over the Abyss.




Vinnie Rossi From Red Wine Audio and George Lenz from EML were two vendors present and very involved with the meet.




The support from the Headfi community is as strong as ever. All of the vendors who supported the meet were very much appreciated, and it was fun to have some new and exciting guests see what our community is all about.


Mullet stepped up and did an outstanding job of organizing this meet. Scot took the bull by the horns when no else wanted to step up. Job well done, and thanks to everyone for making the day very special.


Original content provided by Audio360.org and is available at: http://www.audio360.org/events_a0009_head-fi_meet_new_york_2013.php

Home of the Liquid Carbon, Liquid Crimson, Liquid Glass, Liquid Gold and
Liquid Lightning headphone amplifiers... and the upcoming Liquid Spark!

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Congrats on a very successful meet Mullet. Kudos!

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A special thanks to Mullet for putting this meet together - it was a hit!


Thanks to Jack Woo for treating us all to good Pizza, thanks to Frank I / nikongod and others for the pics,

to Decur for bringing his Bellina HPA and those "succulent" R10 headphones (yes, that is how I describe

their sound - succulent like a fine piece of steak! :biggrin:), KrisStack for bringing his Audeze Edition amp/dac,

and you guys who brought your modded AK100/AK120s and iMods, and Alex of Audeze for letting me

borrow a pair of the LCD-X's.  X is for eXtremely good sounding - they kick ass! 


It was great to see everyone and thank you to those who stopped over to have a listen, and it was nice

to meet some new faces as well.


Jack - take good care of those K1000s and make sure you bring them to a future show or meet so I can give

them a listen with your sweet sounding creations!


I also must give a shout out to SiBurning - glad to see him back at the meet, and I learned a lot about electric 

cigarettes from him at the show.  LiFePO4 battery powered, high current output for the heater coil, precise voltage

regulation.... and I'm talking about the cigarette he was smoking!  (not the Bellina HPA:smile:  ).   Very cool stuff -

except for the whole nicotine poisoning thing! :eek:


I think that's all for now - see you all in the Spring!



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I was only at the meet for a little over an hour in the afternoon, but it was awesome.  So much different gear to try and it was nice to put faces to names.  All the vendors were fantastic and Julie definitely sold me on a pair of JH13s. :biggrin: Whenever I get the money that is.  It was pretty awesome to try my HD668Bs with a couple amps, definitely made a difference.  My favorite from the meet would have to be the HD600s.  Light as a feather, comfortable, and fantastic sound.  Will definitely come back for the next one if I'm still in the area.  Thank you to everyone for showing off your equipment.  And a big thank you to Mullet for putting on the meet!

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I have to make it down there next year.  It's a 2.5 hour hike for me from Upstate NY but likely worth the effort.

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Someone brought their Koss ESP/950 ?  where's the "bangs head on table" emoticon.  I really want to hear that.  I'm so mad I wasn't ready in time.

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