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NY /Regional Fall meet, November 9th, 2013 impressions  

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Finally made a meet! Been a while. A lot of new faces, and a few old. And a closed can that actually sounds good?!?


And, gosh darn, but I lost my provari vaping thingamagig!

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I'm an ancient member who hasn't been to one of these things in like 6 years or so. It was amazing to see the changes of the market. I was excited to hear a TON of new products. The magnetic planar stuff was interesting. I heard the HD800 for the first time in many rigs. I think I like it more than the HD650s. Thanks for organizing this. There's no better place to try out a bunch of items at once. Although it's hard to hear some things, you can get at least an idea of the sonic signature and most importantly the comfort!

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Thanks to Mullet for bringing all this together.


Great to see people and listen to awesome gear.


The Abyss was something I'd been wanting to hear and sounded tonally...interesting. And I think the guy who had it also bought us all pizza? Thanks, whoever got us pizza, that came just at the right time!


The LCD-X and Alpha Dog were neat to hear. Dan from Mr. Speakers is a consummate professional and nice guy as always. Great to see Hifiman's Eric there, he's a class act. Red Wine Audio's amps were cool looking and sounded great with the R10 and LCD-X.


I spent 1.5 hours with the jh16fp demo and 30+minutes with the jh13fp demo, thanks Julie!




I'd like to put up a question for anyone who stops by this thread: Are there any vendors you'd like to see at the next NY Audio Meet who we could reach out to? Several of us tried with Grado (since they are local) and Aurisonics (who came in April). I'm thinking local reps for companies like Julie who is a dealer for JH Audio and Ultimate Ears are perfect. Future Sonics is based in Pennsylvania, so not too far from us, might be a good bet to reach out to. Any ideas you'd like to share or vendors you'd like to see?

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lan it was great to see you again,a lot of new gear in the last 6 years no doubt.


Mullet did a great  job organizing the meet,there was a very good  turnout.

Thanks to Jack Woo for buying the pizza for all.

 Great hanging out with everyone today.

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Hey guys!

Another ancient member here.  I haven't been fully immersed in the hobby for a while but I'm looking forward to getting to a meet again.

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There's a few highlights for me from the meet. 


The first is Kerry's rig. He had an Opus DAC with a miniature KGSSHV that he built to around the same size as a SRM717 but slightly smaller and the SR007 MK1.  This rig despite the noise from the meet sounded much better than my SR007 amp. A KGSSHV would be real tempting if I could find one in the market.


I don't remember who's rig it was but the DIY BH withe the SR007 and Omega clones were very good. I was very impressed by them as they both sounded very good. I'm not sure what DAC it was using however.


Julie was awesome as always. Instead of going to her office I was able to pick up my JH13 from here at the meet and I got to hear some demos I've been wanting to hear mainly the UE-4 and the JH10X3. Granted they aren't very popular models but they both did sound very good.


A big thanks to Mullet who organized the meet and also to Jack for the pizza.

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Originally Posted by meech View Post

Hey guys!

Another ancient member here.  I haven't been fully immersed in the hobby for a while but I'm looking forward to getting to a meet again.

Hey meech long time no see.Next meet will be in the spring in Babylon dates will be posted after it is setup.



I was also impressed with Kerrys build of the KGSSHV.

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Thanks again Mullet for organizing the meet! I think I actually enjoyed talking with the members more than trying out gear this time around. I've gotten to the point where I don't feel like I need anything other than my modded hd800s and the UERMs as my home and portable headphone/iems. I liked how the alpha dogs sounded for a closed can, but they were a bit bright to my ears. Dan of course was also a pleasure to talk to, and I'm hoping for a future revision of the alpha dogs with perhaps a bit less treble! The LCD-X didn't impress me at all; I felt like the modded hd800s were just better in pretty much every way when I did a quick comparison between the two. The WA7 was a very beautiful looking unit and sounded good with my hd800s. The K1000s were very nice to try; it was my first time and they are definitely very unique. I might consider getting a pair sometime down the line. The UE4s were really great sounding for an entry CIEM. Baby UERMs, as some people have said. Was kind of disappointed that JH wasn't able to get a demo pair of the roxannes for Julie for the meet. I was also pretty impressed by the sr-007 and he-90 clones. They sounded pretty good for DIY stuff; could use a little less treble though. I also got the chance to try the he-6s for a little bit. They really do require lots of power to get volume out of them! Still, I preferred the HD800s. Wish I could do a better comparison between the two though, with better conditions.


It was nice seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. I was hoping that more people were able to try the hd800s w/ anax 2.0, as I feel that the mod really fixes the problems that the stock hd800s had. The sound is just so much more balanced sounding, without any harshness even with a solid state amp.


Alex, PM me for the hd800 mod info! 

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Although many years a headphone addict this was my first meet and it did not disappoint.  First off a big thanks to Mullet for all his effort in putting it together, everything went very smoothly.  It also was a pleasure to meet Jack Woo and an additional thank you for the pizza lunch, very gratious, glad you enjoyed auditioning the old Stax Electrets I had on my table for sale.  I spent so much time by my table demoing my K1000 and Koss ESP950 among other things and talking it up with everyone stopping by that I did not get to see and hear all I wanted to but did hit at least half..  Getting to hear the Sony R10's at Red Wine was a hit for me, excellent combination. Regardless it has whetted my appetite to make sure I don't miss the Spring show.  The Astell & Kern AK100 player I had with me on loan from Mike of American Audiophile in Lynbrook also attracted a lot of interest and comments.  I used it as my main source and it was impressive.  Getting to meet so many fellow addicts and getting in so many conversations

Sony PFR-V1 avatar.jpg


 was a big part of today's fun.  I took a few photos, if anyone would want any PM me with your email address."



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Hey all... it was my pleasure to put this meet together. We had a gap where we didn't have a few fall meets and I figured it was time to step up to the plate. Everything went really smoothly. Firstly, I want to thank everyone for showing up. We couldn't have done this without you. I want to thank the vendors for coming and donating some awesome gear. Also Steve Guttenberg for his old skool Stax. I want to thank the members who participated in the auction -- Pete (not sure of your handle but you know who you are), Ned (same thing), KrisStack, NeuroDave, and DaveDerek. Also, I'd like to thank the members who contributed a little cash to help pay for the room.


Even though I did get to hear a bunch of gear and definitely not everything I wanted to hear, there are a few highlights that stuck out for me. Firstly, if had the cashola on hand and if Mr. Speakers had a few Alphadogs in hand I would have gone home a very happy man. These phones have definitely dethroned the Smeggy Thunderpants as my go to closed pair of headphones. I felt for most music that I listen to they just did things right. I'm a fan of perceived balance and these phones have it. They're tight, well balanced and worth the price of admission and they're damn comfortable! I also liked hearing Kenman's bass pack and 1W DAC/AMP -- can't remember the thingamajingi's name. The bass pack seems like its perfect for those who have a bad back or want their music to massage them. It's something on my bucket list. Another highlight was Tyler's DIY Electrostatics and his uncased Gamma-2 Dac. They had a cool steampunk look to them. The sound was quite good to my surprise and I'm looking forward to his improvements at future meets. I also enjoyed checking out DutchGFX's DIY wood work on his Twisted Pear based amp. Not sure which model it was. He did a great job on it. I did meet a lot of people -- so a shout out to all of you... good times. I did want to check out the LCD-Xs but things didn't quite go in that direction. Perhaps next time... to compare with LCD-XCs.


See you guys next spring in Babylon, LI and definitely next fall... maybe in the same Bayside location or... in Westchester or Stamford, CT area.

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I'll get around to impressions later, but thanks a bunch Mullett! I could definitely find a place in Stamford, my hometown smily_headphones1.gif

Really great job organizing , layout was fantastic and flowed really nice I think
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Thanks a lot to Scot for organizing the meet. Also his DIY ES9023 DAC / Wire amp sounded really but honestly I still prefer my DacMagic paired with the Wire amp and while I now completely tube amp guy I still want to have the Wire amp so I have to wait for many month until Scot will be able to build one for me. I also really enjoyed Alpha Dogs with both Liquid Gold amp (small tubes) and portable setup and while they were bitten by Mad Dogs on the Schiit stack I think that the problem wasn't Alpha Dogs but that Lyr had stock tubes. I also Enjoyed Kris' setup with modified Oppo 105, McIntosh amp and Stax headphones. Finally heard LCD-X and while they sound way better than LCD-XC i heard at the Philly meet I still prefer my HD800 with Q-Audio French Silk cable driven by DacMagic Plus and S.E.X. while LCD-X were driven by great $4000 RWA Dac/amp, I also like maxed Woo Audio 6SE with HD800 but unfortunately right now I can afford half of it

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Originally Posted by ESL-1 View Post

I took a few photos, if anyone would want any PM me with your email address.<img data-cke-saved-src=


Please post here (or share a link)!

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I wanted to thank Mullet for pulling this meet together.  Another great NYC meeting!


Thanks to Jack from Woo Audio for the pizza.


I always come to listen to gear, but end up catching up with friends and meeting new ones.  I enjoyed myself as usual :D

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I'm going to add these in batches, so I have a reason to post later :) haha

Sorry I'm not a great photographer like Nikongod, and my camera is sub-par (Galaxy S4). I tried though :D If you want a picture of you/your gear as a file (I tried to avoid pictures of members), PM me. If you want a picture of you/your gear removed, PM me aswell :D Thanks!















Sorry, alot of the pictures of of my dad and I, but I didn't want to omit them cause they were decent pictures.

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