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For Sale: SOLD Near Mint Black iPhone 4S 16 GB

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For Sale:
SOLD Near Mint Black iPhone 4S 16 GB

Will Ship To: USA, Canada, others negotiable

SOLD TO ATT WHEN I UPGRADED! Great to mint condition. Fairly new warranty replacement. Best skins ever back, case mate or some such front cover. Always in a case. Time to upgrade for me. Photos later. Full retail packaging with unused charger, adapter, ibuds.

Price is $200.00 net to me, buyer to pay Paypal and shipping. This seems to be the going rate on FleaBay - $225 down to $190, this phone is in really great shape and comes with all the original packaging.

Only Caveat - I need to continue using this phone until I upgrade, which will occur in the next week or so. If a buyer surfaces, I will upgrade as soon as possible, so should only be a couple days delay in shipping. If this happens, I'll cover USPS priority shipping within the CONUS to make up for any delay.

Note that the best camera I have at the moment is this phone, so my photos will be from my work iPhone 4 - decent, but not as spectacular as the 4S camera!

Photos up. Note that what looks like scratching on the back is actually in the "Best Skins Ever cover. I sometimes use a Mophie battery case. With BSE on the back, and a screen protector, is is an ever so slightly thicker package, so it is a tight fit into the Mophie case. The phone itself is unscratched.

Please PM any interest.
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Photos are up.

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