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For Sale:
For sale Tung Sol matched pair NOS 5998/ sold !!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale almost new TS 5998's.. Matched and NOS pair...rare to be found and expensive..
Because of changing to a SS amp i am selling these..has only around 100hours on them, so they are just burned in!
Am selling these for 200usd

Also for sale the best 6sj7 tube, super rare and expensive...TS sj7GT MESH PLATES.. On top of that its even one of the rarest ones which are also totally silent, as u all know most are noisy! One of a kind deal..also NOS and matched pair (around 250hours)
This rare pair i sell for 60usd.

For pics..pls check my profile..they are on my pics... Or pm me for i somehow cant include pics on headfi when using my ipad..WTF..lolz

All prices are excl.postage..i will take care if any paypal costs.