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Question 2 of my intro to head-fi! Hello folks.


My V-Moda M80s came in a couple of days ago. Right out of the box, I noticed the red shields I ordered seemed off (My design came through perfectly though! Kudos to you, V-Moda for getting those tiny pixels in that image for my desired fading effect). 


I suspect that I was shipped the hot pink shields by mistake. I kept trying to tell myself, it's just off-red. But no; they're completely off the mark. They don't come close to what they showcase in their full headphone pictures, custom shield previews, and color preview boxes on the initial order screen. It doesn't even come close to the red "V" on the headband. In low light, fluorescent light, incandescent light, moonlight, and natural light (Morning, mid-day), these plates are pink. Pink pink pink. It's not just my eyes; roommates, girlfriend, co-workers, all the same verdict. Pink Pink Pink. 


My final decision for these over AKG K550/701s was the look. I already knew I would sacrifice soundstage/imaging. I'm not too pleased with the bass response (Probably because of the nature of what porting does), nor am I pleased with how the left driver housing is loose from the headband. It has already popped out once and can be shifted side to side on the pegs that house it (It's nowhere near as snug as the right side). Not looking good since I much prefer over ear instead of on-ear. I payed for 3 day select shipping and got it a day earlier than expected. Maybe I unlucky and got shipped a poor unit with the wrong shield that still happened to pass whatever stages of QC they undergo. An understandable mistake, since production work is already rushed as it is. Being forced to rush even further just sucks. Still, it stinks to be on the receiving end of the error. :<


I guess my questions are about their advertising, the shield color, and what I should expect from their customer service. My work hours won't let me call their customer service line till the coming monday, though I received them the thursday prior. 


Also, during my search, a couple posts in head fi led me to believe that the box is supposed to come with your custom image as well as a second set of stock plates. If this is true, I only received my customs.


1) Does V-Moda advertise the red shield to be a lot deeper and richer than what it actually is? Do they wear off and become the off red-pink I happen to have now?


--1.2I found a picture hosted on inner fidelity with pink and red shields. (image embedding is disabled due to my account restrictions I think, but here My shield is the pink. Pink pink pink. The M/V80 red shields don't eventually become buffed to pink with wear/age do they? Maybe I got bad plates.


2) Is the box supposed to come with "stock" shields as well as your custom image printed ones?

--2.2) What is "stock"?


3) Could anyone please upload pictures of their red and/or pink shields for comparison? Balanced light, bright light, low light, all are welcome.


4) As a reference, how close to the red V on the headband are the plates supposed to be? 


5) How much cooperation can expect from their customer service? Will they correct this error or will I have to expect to buy new plates? If I'm going to be SOL, I'd like to know so I can decide whether or not to just get the AKGs or get my plates quicker. 


*edit*: 6) As for the left side, can I somehow tighten the headband's grip on the driver housing/shell? There are hex screws here all the way in, but I don't know if they actually do anything. When the unit fell out the first time, I popped it back in quickly and didn't check if there was any threading of any sort on the peg that those screws twist/rotate. Should I just squeeze the headband part tighter?


*sigh*. My wallet. I really would like the red shown on all of their product images. Google doesn't bring up enough (*edit: Meant to say "enough lighting conditions"). If I keep these, and have to order, I'd like to know what the red is supposed to be so I don't end up with the same thing twice. 

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