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December North Carolina Meet

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Hey NC head-fi'ers!


There's been a springtime NC meet scheduled over here, but it's pretty far into the future.


I'm trying to see if people would be interested in coming to a meet in December around the RTP area (Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill).


I can bring two setups:

Modi --> Little Dot MKII --> HiFiMan HE-400 (jergpadded, no grill cloth), Sennheiser HD598, Grado SR-80i (G-cush), and possibly a MrSpeakers Mad Dog

iPhone --> JDS Labs C5 --> Westone UM3X, Klipsch Image X10, B&W P5 (minor pad mod)


The other NC meet has pretty much been set to Charlotte. So why not have two meets? I'll probably attend both. What do you guys think?

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December might be tricky with holiday stuff. Janurary might be better but I'll try to make it either way.
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This is something I'd raised with other members earlier this year, but I couldn't follow through due to other commitments.


I'll back up anybody else's efforts, so count me as interested.

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Count me in!  I am actually a bit disappointed that the other meet appears to be a lock for Charlotte... Oh, well.  

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I'm Durham area, would love to come! As RastaDolphin mentioned, December is a tricky month, you might want to get it done during the first half to avoid complications with holidays.
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We might want to try Cary; Moon Audio is based there, and Drew told me via email that a Cary meet would be easy for them to attend. Also, how do people feel about January?

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I'd be good anytime for a Charlotte meet, but any locations

further East would be too far for me.


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It's probably going to be a challenge to book a room in a hotel or restaurant between Thanksgiving and New Years, since that's the busiest time of the year for events facilities. So January might be more practical unless somebody's willing to host a meet at their house.
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I'm in, whenever. January makes more since though.

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