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iGrado vs SR80i?

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Alright folks,


I purchased the Grado SR80i last week after owning the iGrado for nearly 3 years and am surprised at the difference in sound signature between the two.


Summed up: vocals are much more forward and involving in the cheaper iGrado, and the bass has more impact. The SR80i has better separation and more detailed highs. I'm using them both un-amped from my netbook.


Anyone else had/tried both of these cans? I prefer the iGrado's at the moment, they're more fun! Maybe I should wait for the SR80i to "burn in" (i.e. for me to get used to the sound).


Any advice welcome! Thanks. 

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Put bowls on the SR80's and use an amp - there won't be any comparison.

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Thanks for the reply. Would something like the Fiio E17 do them justice, or is there an amp which works better with them in your experience?

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