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Hi guys,


I'm just starting an interest check thread for stocking the Astell & Kern products at Superfi around the UK. As some of you know I work in the Leeds branch and I use an AK100 myself and we have had a few customers ask about the Astell & Kern products, so I'm hoping to get it into Superfi stores.


But in order for the company to do that, I need to know if there's enough interest from the headphone buying public, so I'm starting with you guys first. I'm also hoping to work out a special price for Head-Fi members for these products, and for headphones too. 


So, if you're interested in us getting this product into our stores, please just leave a comment below, and if you're interested in us getting any other headphone related products in, then let me know about that too and we can look into it.


Let me know what you think.