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Hello from a Newbie

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Hello, my name Luis (You can call me Aphexbug) and i’m from México, i came here searching “best headphones 2013” and i fell in love with this community already, i discover that i don’t know nothing about this world, of course, i want to learn a lot, i like to learn.


My background in this world is pretty much nothing, it beggins when my father gift me an ipod some years ago, inmediatly i start collecting music (3 years later i realize my collection was in 128kbps), then i move to the capital city in 2007 and i met a roomie who likes to mix music, i start to like headphones a lot, and i buy my first Pioneer MDR, when they break i buy a pair of Sony (i don’t know what model), and after five-six headphones i met this site.


Right now i have this headphones:

  • Audio-Technica ATH T200
  • Sony MDR PQ2 (A gift)


My music taste is big. i love Metal music but i have a relationship with IDM, Jazzy Hip Hop and Chill Out too. (My username is for Aphex Twin). And that’s it. I don’t want to recommendations right now. I only want to introduce myself, be active, learn a lot, ask questions and then, when i learn some things i’m gonna buy my first amp and headphones.


PD: Sorry for my bad english :gs1000smile:

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