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Hi, I recently bought an UE900 to upgrade from my SoundMagic E10s and while I've enjoyed the UE900s, everytime I listen to my E10s I think to myself "These guys are a lot more fun than the UE900". More specifically, the bass is just funner on the E10, everything else is better on the UE900. I'm no audiophile, I just enjoy listening to all sorts of music on my daily commute. So I'm not really after something neutral.


So I've been contemplating getting a 2nd pair or IEMs @ around or lower than the UE900 price point.


I've looked around and it seems like the Monster Turbine/Miles Davis Tribute/Trumpet & the Westone 3 would be a good candidate for my "fun" IEMs. 

Which of these would be the better buy ? And other suggestions are most welcomed. Thanks.