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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: USA

Sennheiser HD-650



Before going into specifics, I have a confession:


"The Picture on this Classified has been illegally obtained (in relative secrecy) by me,

through the largest "International-Multi-Government-Database" on Earth,

also known as, Google!" :eek:



Unfortunately, I am unable to take pictures at this time. But the Headphones are perfectly fine.


However, if not seeing new pictures is a "Deal-Breaker" to you,

then let me know and I'll try to figure out a way to get you some pics


:regular_smile :


The Headphones are still in very good condition.

Got them about 3 months ago, and I can't find any scratches or any problems at all.


Even the all-famous headband is scratch-free.

I treated them very well.

They were (are) loved dearly!


And I always placed them back in their original case when not using them.



Also I don't know why but, for some reason, my Ears insist that those 'phones sound better than my old 650s, and other 650s I used previously.


It's all from memory though (and makes no sense) so it's probably just Mind Tricks.






The Headphone:


- Cosmetically, there are no defects that I can see.

  Nothing to distinguish it from a new one.


- Aurally, they sound deep, detailed and musical.


- The headband is scratch-free, firm and quite comfortable.

  (Helps that the 'phones are light)


- The cups are still plush and pressure-resistant. I Can't feel any wear.

  (Also somehow quite clean. In-spite of Sennheiser's unwise choice of a "dust-magnet"  material)


- The cable is perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with it.



In short, as far as I can see, hear, tell or remember

The Headphones are in their original condition.






Included In the Purchase:


- The HD-650s will come in the original Sennheiser Case.

   Also with the outer cover that originally came in.


- All documents are included of course.


- Shipping Included. Packaged Safely.

  (I've got "Shipping-OCD". So no worries, it will reach you safely)


- Also included:

  "Grado 1/4 to 1/8 extension cord"



These are the Newest (and, obviously, Superior) version,

The "Silver Drivers" version.








Price is $330 including Shipping, Insurance, etc.

You cover the PayPal fees. (or Gift it)








If anything you receive is different than what I disclosed here,

I'll refund your money fully.

You'll just need to ship them back to me, of course.

(That applies for ANY defect I didn't mention whether Cosmetic, Audible, or whatever!

It does NOT apply to "I don't like them"  or "They don't sync with my rig" obviously)






Whenever I sold HD650s to "upgrade". I regretted it.

Eventually, I always returned to their special sound signature.

In spite of some slight "technical shortcomings" compared to the newest generation of Headphones.

It's still, overall, an all-time personal favorite.




Definitely, don't hesitate to PM me with any questions, 

and I'll answer as soon as I can.


If you're maxed-out on PMs or I missed your PMs, here's my e-mail:




Finally, as always, whether you're interested or not, I truly appreciate your time! :regular_smile :

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

... and don't forget, to Sing While You May!  :L3000: 

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