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Is there anyone willing to let an audio newb audition their Schiit stack or O2 and/or ODAC for a bit?


I will be touring NYC/NJ/MD for a week from Nov 12th before heading back.


Although I have my own headphones, if you rather have me use the ones you have for the short moment I am "auditioning", that's totally cool (and appreciated!)


I want to figure out if my ears are good enough to put some money behind it, and these amps looks like a good starting point if I can indeed appreciate the quality they bring.


So if you are up for letting an audio newb audition your Schiit stack or O2 and/or ODAC, PM me for more details (and thank you)!


(I posted a similar thread on reddit and was recommended to try here:


Also, if there are stores in these cities that don't frown upon a person trying out these amps, hooking them up to a laptop and plugging in a headphone, I am all for it (but this is asking too much from busy stores perhaps?)