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Hi guys I been lurking these forums on and off. I have the miles Davis trumpets for like two years now. I was wondering if the IE80 is a big upgrade from trumpets.

It will be paired with a galaxy note 3 running off Fiio e18 when it arrives in the mail. Audio source will just be 320kbs files and Pandora lol.

I like clarity and a little bass. Mostly listen to mainstream music like house, hip hop, pop, etc. Whatever that's hot on the radio.

My price range is $400 or under. Currently amazon direct got the IE80 for $300 so debating if I should pull the trigger. The problem I have with the trumpets is that I can never get a really good seal on those. I have small ear canal so it's always a pain fitting them and they not the most comfortable iem. The stock ear buds that comes with my old HTC one feels better than the trumpets but they sounded like cr@p. Bass heavy and muddy.

Anyways my source will never likely be flac level so I can't justify myself buying super expensive iem, but for some reason the trumpets leaves me wanting more. I don't know how to describe the feeling but it's more along the line where I know the music can sound a lot better with better equipment I guess. Thanks again for taking your time reading this. I appreciate and comments and/or recommendations.

I will test out the trumpets when I receive the Fiio e18 to see how I like it before I pulltthe trigger on a different iem.