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I want to be wow'd!

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I currently own Brainwavz HM5 headphones, Magni and Modi, and use foobar2000, equalized for my ear canal's many resonant frequencies. I will use my Samsung GS3 and Fiio E18 for my portable setup.


I'm looking for another set of headphones, under 200 dollars, that will give me more listening pleasure.


MUST be either closed circumaural or IEMs.


       I feel my current setup is decent. Overall sound quality no longer is enough for me to enjoy, however. I'm very happy with the bass extension, bass tones are present all the way to the lower limit of my hearing ability (25hz) The problem is it's only a bass "tone," doesn't have any definition, no character or variations within the same frequency. I'm not sure if my expectations are too high, having heard competition SQ car audio setups where the bass, even if it was quiet, had soooo much juicyness, within the same bass note.


Mids and trebles seem all there, but presented much like the bass, in a flat characterless fashion.




I really enjoy sub-bass, but I don't want an overpowered sound. If I could somehow increase the "character" in my HM5s that would be perfect, because of how balanced I feel they are.


I listen to any music that has a high production quality, the genre depends on my mood. Classical, Electronic, Bass music, Metal, Rock, Indie, Lounge, other Culture's dance music... I frequently listen to electronic, though, as low frequencies have a really strong, positive, psychological effect on my brain.


Any recommendations? I really don't have any direction, yet.

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SoundMAGIC HP100 sound like what you're looking for. Research them smily_headphones1.gif
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Will do, thanks for the starting direction!

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So the HP100 headphones seemed appealing, until I came across multiple members that had quality issues. I don't like gambling on a pleasure/splurge purchase, especially when I can't test them out beforehand.


I guess the search continues...

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Any other suggestions?

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Would the  HiFiMan RE262 fit my requirements?

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Woah, one at a time, head-fi!

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