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I (without thinking) bought a Paypal fastcard at 7 Eleven under the assumption that it would instantly credit the balance to my Paypal account with the hopes that i could use that balance (along with some that i had left over from the visa that i bought to purchase something) to buy a new pair of headphones(jvc ha s400s) that i was starting to need desperately. Unfortunately my Paypal was ineligible to redeem this card because of a lack of required information. So here i am with a 20$ Paypal(spent an extra 4 on activation fees) fast card that i cant redeem nor refund. My question to any trusted + generous member of the fine head fi community that inspired me to buy them in the first place is " Is there anyone who is able to redeem a Paypal fast card that you would redeem here   is willing to redeem it for me and send me the 20$ ?". I don't need all of the money on the card so to anyone that is willing to help me you only have to send some of the 20 $(albeit most of it) and keep the rest as a donation(5 or so dollars?) and my thanks for helping me. If there's anyone that is decently trusted/willing to help me send me a pm.

Also You must be in the U.S as well according to the first person who tried to help me and was restricted by this

I hope this is in the right section. This was the closest i could find when scrolling through to a section that was doing what i needed

Edit Problem solved

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